Short Story

I am a Software Engineer problem solver. I like to solve problems and code is a means to an end. That's why I don't stick to just one language. I have an OCD about code quality and structure. I aim to build creative and visually beautiful web apps with sensual user experience. I also am a Star Wars geek and a gamer. To get my mind off these worldly pleasures I explore nature, that might explain the mountains I guess. Wanna know more? Lets talk!


I do these things because I love it and also because I need to pay the bills

Working with me

You have an idea? But you're not even sure how plausible it is? These are the projects where I excel. I'll consider your idea and provide what is needed to make it a reality i.e a budget and a time plan.

I'll turn your designs to code and in my attempt to make the best of everything for your benefit, while making suggestions on potential improvements.
During production, I always keep in close contact with you; keeping everyone up to speed on what is going on.
Debugging and testing is a constant part of the process, but as the project nears its finish line I, obviously, invest extra into those efforts.
Which leaves us sometime to lavish affection on the product; fitting it with that extra polish and finesse.
Last step: The Release. Kick off your shoes and while I enjoy the happy satisfied faces.

What are they saying?

I have worked with Farhan for approximately two years. Farhan has become an extremely productive member of the team. He always has a "I can" mentality and he works extremely hard on delivering. He is able to do this under extreme pressure while working remotely and independently. While we onboard new people, he is often looked to bring people up to speed as his communication skills and knowledge of all parts of the stack puts him in a unique position to help. It is often amazing to see how quickly he can convey information effectively.
It has been a pleasure seeing him grow, and I am excited to see what he does next!
Rohit Prakash
Co-founder and CEO of Townsquared
Farhan worked for my company as on offshore developer for several years. He consistently performed well independently and collaboratively with our US engineering team. He clearly communicated progress hide-for-medium and managed his time well across several projects concurrently despite the 10+ hour time difference. He implemented our data analytics and contributed to our core product in javascript and ruby on rails. He is a natural problem solver and learns quickly when needed.
Nipul Patel
Co-founder at Townsquared
Farhan was an invaluable teammate, helping to create analytics tools and other backend features. He was also a patient teacher, collaborating with product team members to improve our instrumentation. His optimism, ownership, and strong communication skills created a great working rapport despite working remotely.
Tan-ya Gerrodette
Brand and Visual Design Lead at Townsquared
Farhan has very strong technical and communication skills. In the months that I worked with him at Townsquared, he contributed to backend code in Ruby on Rails and NodeJS, helped us move ahead with release automation, and, in collaboration with our product managers, dove deep into building insightful analytics dashboards. Farhan was able to work independently and figure things out without help, as well as guide other engineers in our offshore team. He is capable, responsible, and a pleasure to work with.
Abhijeet Vijayakar
VP Engineering at Townsquared
Farhan is the man. Great to work with and brings a lot to the table.
Jeff Owens
Co-founder at Bizi